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    History – Kongarpuliyankulam has a total of eight caverns within the area of a single rock formation. On the rounded edge of the roof in one of these caverns are found three Hramhi inscriptions in the bold-style characteristic of the second century B.C. Situated below this solitary cave are the remaining caverns. One contains a total of six berths positioned along a north south axis. Only four of these berths remain in a good state of preservation, and none have the characteristic “pillow-loft.” The other caves contain ten, six, eight, four, and three berths respectively. The last cave chamber contains six berths, but they are badly damaged. Another important archaeological feature situated near this complex is a rock with a bold relief sculpture of a Tirthankara seated in padmasana. The figure bears stylistic features of the ninth century. The inscription, incised below the image palaeographically assigned to the same century, records, that the revered monk, Ajjanandi, Commissioned the icon.

    How to Reach – Kongarpuliyankulam, situated nine miles south-west of Madurai.

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