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    History – Nearly one quarter of mile east of Muttupatti is a large overhanging boulder with a carved drip-ledge, and sheltering thirty berth-beds. The cavern itself measures forty three feet along the east-west axis, and at its deepest point on the eastern extremity, is twenty-six feet deep and about five feet in height. We can find many Bramhi inscriptions in these caves. Around the ninth century, two Tirthankara images were sculptured on a boulder neaIby the caverns. The first image was consecrated in the name of the inhabitants of the village Kuyirkudi by the ascetic Kanakavira-Periyadigal, a disciple of Gunasendeva. The second image was commissioned by Maganandi. the ascetic disciple of the great acarya, Kurandi Ashtopavasi. As indicated by the inscriptions, carvings, and other artifacts, Muttupatti continued to be an important centre of Jainism from the early first century to the ninth century.

    How to Reach – Muttupatti is a hamlet in the Vadapaiangy region of the Madurai taluk.

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