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    History – Tinmanmgondai, is one of the important sacred Jain centres to which pilgrims from various parts of the country throng during festive occasions. The huge hillock in the village contains the famous Appandainatha temple, which is well known through-the periods of Cola kings Rajaraja I and Kulottunga Ill, has a rich collection of bronze images, both old and new Among them, an icon of Navadevata contains an inscription recording its installation by Parshwanainar, Cakravartinainar, and Rsabbadas of the village Karadippakkam. After successfully completing the observance of adityavrata in the month of Krittika of the Tamil year Parmatisa. Which corresponds to 1913 C.E., they had the icon installed. The donors are said to be members of the same family and among them, Cakravartinainar became the hereditary trustee of the Appandainatha temple. The temple complex grew due to the relentless efforts of Cakravartinainar and his wife, Sivadeviammal who observed severe austerities for forty-eight days propitiating the presiding deity of Tirunarungondai. The deity conferred grace upon the couple and consequently a female child was born to them. In order to commemorate this, the lady installed a stone sculpture of Saturn -one of the nine I planetary deities at the foot of the hill. The inscription engraved on the pedestal of this image reveals that it was installed by Sivadeviammal, the wife of Cakravartinainar of Karadippakkam, in the year 1935. Perhaps to ward off any evil effects of Saturn, his image was consecrated at the foot of the hill. This belief has given rise to the practice of every devotee circumambulating, without fail, the sculpture of Saturn after offering worship to the main deities atop the hill.

    Here Bhagawan Parshwanatha is also called as Appandainatha.

    How to Reach – Tirunarungondai is situated in the South Arcot District.

    Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha.

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