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    History – The temple structure has lost most of its original architectural features subsequent to extensive repairs and renovations. A fragmentary record of the R.astrakuta king, Krsna III (939-968 C.E.), however, is still visible on a slab built into the floor of the passage leading to the mandapa located in front of the central shrine. The first part of the inscription mentioning the name of the king is in a good state of preservation, but the rest has been all but obliterated. From the remaining information the inscription appears to register some endowment to the Jain temple. This fragmentary record, apart from pushing back the antiquity of the temple to the middle of the tenth century, also reveals that the patronage extended by Krsna III; was very important to the development of Jainism in the ancient region of Tondaimandalam.

    How to Reach – Vidur is a village situated twenty kilometres south-east of Tindivanam in South Arcot district.

    Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Adinatha.

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