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    Heritage Centre Type – Tirtha Kshetra

    How to Reach – This place is at a distance of 4 Kms from Jiyaganj and Mushirabad.

    Temple Name – Sri Parshwanatha Jain Temple.

    Temple History – This temple was built during the 18th century of the Vikrama era by a person named Sheth Shri Mahatabraiji. Later this temple was removed due to the heavy floods in the state. In the year 1875 the descedents of Sheth Shri Mahatabraji built this temple at the present location. In a place named Kiranbaug near it is found the pinnacled temple of Shamaliya Parshwanath. The idol is made out of tested stone. In the entire India this is the only Jain temple having an idol made from tested stone. Also in this temple we can find the idols of Bhagwan Sumathinatha and Bhagwan Neminatha.


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