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Jain Swethambar Temple – Delhi

    Known as Johari, the ancient Jain Svetambara Temple is located at the end of Naughara Gali near Kinari Bazaar Road in Old Delhi. The temple belongs to the period of the Pandavas, the heroes of the Indian epic, the Mahabharat, who were the devoted followers of Lord Neminath Bhagwan. It is believed that the temple predates every other structure in Delhi, though several additions to it were made later.

    The devotional area of this white marble, double-storeyed temple is on the first floor and here the unique attraction is a remarkably carved black image of Lord Parasnath. This twenty-third tirthankara is made up of a rare kasauti stone, placed on a marble pedestal and covered with an ornately carved golden canopy.

    The main shrine has images of Lord Sumatinath, the fifth tirthankara, Lord Adinath the first tirthankara and Lord Ajitnath, along with images of other tirthankaras. The interior of the temple has decorative arched entrances and intricate paintings adorned with solid gold filigree work.

    Other attractions of this splendid house of worship are glass mosaic descriptions of the life of Lord Mahavira and some beautiful mural paintings of dancers and musicians on the second floor. Managed by the Shri Jain Swetamnia Temples and Paushal Charitable Trust, the temple also has a small museum functioning on the ground floor, which houses rare manuscripts, old miniature paintings in gold and several objects made of pure silver.

    - Article Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle
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