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Shruta Panchami

    Shruta Panchami in Jainism and its importance.

    Earlier in Jainism, the words and the teachings of the religious Gurus/teachers were transferred to the younger generations verbally.

    Around 2000 years ago, in the first century, Acharya Dharasena, worried at the dwindling importance of the Jain teachings and beliefs, decided to compile all of the teachings in a written form. He, along with the two other monks, Pushpadanta and Bhutabali, sat in a cave which is today known as Chandra Cave or Moon Cave and is situated in the region of Gujarat. It was the fifth day during the brighter phase of the month of Jyeshtha that the teachings were presented in a written form. So, it is the day when Jain texts got compiled. So, Shruta Panchami is the day when the Jaina texts got compiled.

    Compilation Of Shatkhandagam
    While he would narrate all the teachings given until then, the other two sages would put them into writing. This way, the first book on Jainism, Shatkhandagam, was made. It was the first written scripture for Jainism.

    Thus, the Jain learnings were present in a verbal form alone and were made available for the readers as well. The book contains religious teachings on beliefs and spiritual awareness as per Jainism. It also details the various teachers and their sayings. It is a scripture in six parts namely, Jeeva Sthana, Ksudraka Bandh, Bandhavamitva, Vedana, Vagana, and Maha bandha. It deals mainly with the Karma theory from various perspectives.

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