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Siddhachakra or Navadevata Puja

    Siddhacakra or Navadevata diagram (the circle of the Siddha, the omniscient one) consists of a stylised lotus with eight petals. In the centre Id in four petals of the lotus are depictions of the five highest Beings of the Jainas, namely Arhat, the enlightened one, Siddha, the liberated one, Acharya, the head monk, Upadhyaya, the teacher monk, and Sadhu, the monk. In the four petals, the Svetambaras inscribe the principles: right knowledge. right faith, right conduct and right penance; whereas Digambaras depict dhar- cakra, jina image, jina temple and scriptures. Apart from worshipping this diagram in the temple or in a smaller way in the house, there is elaborate worship of the same in which many people take part and the ritual lasts for nine days. In this worship, the diagram is made on the floor from grains of various colours suitable for the great Beings. Part of the worship is a narration of the story of King Sripala who is believed to have gained miraculous benefits due to the worship of this yantra. Generally, the diagram is worshipped on the fulfilment of a certain vow or for avoiding ill luck and furthering prosperity. Such a puja is generally announced by the family after the events of birth, marriage, death etc.

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