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Jain Flag

    The Jain flag is used in different celebrations and hoisted above the main pinnacle or shikara of the temple. It comprises of five colors, swastika, three dots above swastika, a curve above 3 dots and a dot above the curve.

    Jain Flag

    Jain Flag

    Five Colors of the Jain Flag – signifies the Pancha Paramesthis. They are arranged in the following order starting from top –

    1. Red – represents the Siddhas, souls that have attained salvation. It also denotes truthfulness (Satya).
    2. Yellow – represents the Acharyas, the masters of adepts. It also denotes non-stealing (Achaurya).
    3. White – represents the Arihantas, souls who have conquered all passions (anger, attachments, aversion) and have attained omniscience and eternal bliss through self-realization. It also denotes non-violence (Ahimsa).
    4. Green – Represents the Upadhyays (adepts), those who teach & preach about Jain scriptures to Jain Monks. It also denotes chastity (Brahmacharya).
    5. Blue – It represents the ascetics (Monk & Nun). It also denotes non-possession (Brahmacharya).

    Panchanuvratas / Jain Ethical Code – The five colors also represent the Panchanuvratas / Jain Ethical Code as listed below –

    1. Ahiṃsā (Non-violence)
    2. Satya (Truth)
    3. Asteya (Non-stealing)
    4. Brahmacharya (Chastity)
    5. Aparigraha (Non-possession)

    Swastika – represents the four states of existence of the soul. The purpose of the soul is to liberate itself from these four stages and be Arihanta or Siddha eventually. The four stages may be:

    1. Heaven-beings or deities
    2. human beings
    3. Animal/birds/insects/plants
    4. Hell beings

    Three Dots – The three dots on the Jain flag above the swastika represent the Ratnatraya (three jewels) of Jainism:

    1. Samyak Darshana – “Right Faith” or “Right Vision”
    2. Samyak Gyana – “Right Knowledge”
    3. Samyak Charita – “Right Conduct”

    Siddhashila Chakra – The curve above the three dots denotes Siddhashila, a place in the highest realms of the Universe, composed of pure energy. It is above hell, earth, or heaven. It is the place where souls that have attained salvation, for instance, Arihants and Siddhas reside eternally with supreme bliss.

    Reference – Wikipedia

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