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15-year-old Jain monk to take 200-question challenge

    Bengaluru (Karnataka), 31st August 2018: A 15-year-old muni from Gujarat will exhibit a rare feat of memory at
    Palace Grounds on Sunday: 200 questions will be posed to him at one go, which he will answer on the spot and in chronological order.

    To show that no challenge is too daunting for his prodigious memory, Padmaprabhchandrasagar will allow people to ask questions randomly from the lot of 200 — say, question numbers 44 or 67.

    In Jain parlance, the young monk will become ‘maha shatavdhani’, one who can store and retrieve 200 types of knowledge nuggets comprising a range of subjects — shlokas from Jain scripture Aagam, mathematical equations, synonyms and antonyms, foreign phrases, auditory and sensory inputs. Experts say avdhan is the process of covering
    an activity within a single attention span. Accordingly, ‘shatavdhani’ is a person who can recall 100 things at one shot.

    The ‘bal muni’, who has studied only till class 8, first performed the shatavdhan in 2014 in Mumbai. He is one of the three disciples of Acharya Nayachandrasagarji; they have performed the feat five times in public functions, recalling 100 to 500 items from their mental cache. All the three disciples and their guru are from Gujarat.

    “Monks becoming shatavdhani is rare, not seen for many decades now,” said Acharya Nayachandrasagarji. “Rigorous training builds a tranquil mind and enhanced concentration is mandatory for the process. The fact that three disciples have achieved this feat underscores the fact that great memory does not necessarily have to be a gift one is born with.

    The acharya is currently working with over 35,000 kids and teens through the Saraswati Sadhana Research Foundation to enhance their memory powers.

    Organised by Bengaluru-based Sri Vasupujya Swami Jain Swetambar Murtipujak Sangh in Akkipet and the Shatavadhan Committee, the session will be held at The Princess Shrine (Gate no. 9), Palace Grounds, on Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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