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150 give Jain shrine Rs 150-crore facelift

    Rs 30 crore is being spent for week-long inauguration of the Chikpet temple.

    Bangalore (Karnataka), November 24, 2011: A grand Jain temple has been rebuilt at a cost of Rs 150 crore by a mere 150 people in the city. The pratishtan mahotsav (inauguration), which began on Wednesday, will go on till December 1.

    One of the oldest Jain temples – it dates back to the 1920s – and located at Chikpet, Sri Adinath Shwetambar temple was in a dilapidated state. The artisans took four years to rebuild it and give it the much-needed facelift. The community is said to be spending about Rs 30 crore for its inauguration, which is expected to draw more than two lakh devotees from all over the country.

    The three-storey temple, which consists of 200 pillars, was built using the world-famous Makarana marbles brought from Ajmer in Rajasthan. It has five sanctum sanctorums in each of the two floors.

    Though the temple authorities refused to divulge the amount spent in the rebuilding effort, it is said to have cost 150 crore rupees. The amount was raised through donations.

    As part of the inauguration, the community has lit up many areas near Majestic, including Chikpet and Gandhinagar.

    According to Mahaveer V Mehta, a coordinator of the pratishtan mahotsav, the temple, including deities, pillars, ceilings and doors, was earlier made completely out of wood.

    “Only 150 people were involved in the rebuilding effort,” said Chetan, the temple architect. In its new form, the temple resembles the famous Dilwara Jain temple of Mount Abu, he said.

    The inauguration will also see the reinstallation of Lord Adinath besides several rituals, including Panchakalyanak, Padmavati pooja and other yagas.

    “We are very happy to see the new structure, and more happy that it is in Bangalore,” said Harish B, a devotee, adding the inauguration is an occasion to bring members of the community together. – News Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror

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