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400-year-old Jain idols found in Jamnagar

    Jamnagar (Gujarat), June 6, 2015: Over a dozen idols of Jain ‘Tirthankars’, estimated to be more than 400-year-old were excavated from a construction site in Chandibazar area of Jamnagar city on Saturday.

    As many as 14 idols were found buried in the earth when a local builder Bharat Patel was excavating to lay the foundation of his new bungalow.

    Patel said that as soon as the labourers reach a depth of seven feet, they found the idols of Jain ‘Tirthankars’ stacked one over the other. “All the idols were found to be intact,” he said.

    The Chandibazar area of the city is largely populated by people of Jain community and house a number of Derasars, some over 500-year-old. Locals believe that the marble idols found were over 400-year-old.

    “Now, an apartment will be built here for people of Jain community,” he said. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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