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Acharya advises BSY to tread path of dharma

    Bengaluru (Karnataka), January 3, 2012: Praising former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa for his contributions to Jain culture in Karnataka, Acharya Gunadharanandi Maharaj, a prominent Jain spiritual leader, said, “The amount of help he has given has never been given in the past and cannot be matched in the future.” Speaking at the inauguration of the Jnana Yoga Shibira in the city on Monday, the acharya advised the former chief minister to follow the road of Dharma and stated that only good can come to pious people.“Politics is very fragile, no one can be trusted, your own people will pull you down. Follow the path of Dharma and you will succeed,” he said.

    Yeddyurappa reiterated his support for the Jain community and appreciated the efforts of the community in developing the state.“Some people are trying to spoil the name of Karnataka, but one has to look at Bangalore to see how the sity is developing,” he said. “I believe assistance must be provided to all who want to help the society,” the acharya added. He expressed hope that Karnataka would progress to become one of the nations’ leading states on the lines of Gujarat. – News Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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