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Ancient Lord Parshwanath Idol found near Belgaum

    Belgaum (Karnataka), September 15, 2013: An ancient idol of Lord Parshwanath in standing posture (Kayotsarga) has been found at Hindalga village near Bauxite road (at around 12:30 pm on September 15, 2013) around 3.5 Kms from Belgaum city in Karnataka. The idol measuring about 3 feet 6 inches  is flanked by Dharanendra Yaksha and Padmavati Yakshi near the feet of the idol with two chowris at the top and seven hoods. One of the hoods is damaged a bit. We can find arch like attractive carvings around the idol. A small inscription is also found in the pedestal of the idol. More details of the idol will be revealed once the inscription is interpreted. The idol was found while the land was dug to realign the tele-communication cables.
    The idol has been handed over to the district administration and has been presently kept in the Belgaum Rural police station at Vadagaon. The district administration plans to hand it over to the archeological survey of (ASI). Further, the Jain samaj of Belgaum will be making a plea to the district administration to hand over the idol to them on September 16, 2013. – News & Image Courtesy: Brahmanand Chipre

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