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ASI readies plan to repair five dilapidated Jain temples

    Nashik (Maharashtra), November 28, 2015: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Aurangabad circle, is preparing a proposal to conserve five Jain temples and a Hindu temple at Anjaneri village near Trimbakeshwar. The temples are in a rickety state and would require structural conservation.

    While one of the temples has already been approved for conservation, ASI is in the process of studying the other structures.

    “These are 9th and 10th century temples that are in a very dilapidated condition. There is a group of Jain temples and another group of Hindu temples. There are two Jain temples and three Hindu temples at one location and a little ahead there are six more Jain temples and two Hindu temples. As of now, five Jain temples and one Hindu temple will be taken up for restoration,” said a source from the ASI department, Aurangabad circle.

    The official further added that both chemical and structural conservation will have to be conducted for the temples as they are currently in a very bad shape.

    Pandurang Zole, a local resident pointed out that there were no caretaker at the temples for a long time and that some of the stones from the ancient structures had become very loose.

    “A few months ago, ASI had put up a board on one of the Jain temples. Officials from ASI had also visited the site last week but after that nothing was done. Sometimes, on their way to Anjaneri people do visit these temples. come to the temples. Such temples should be preserved on a priority basis. These are very old temples and we are proud that they are a part of our village,” he said.

    Superintendent archaeologist, ASI Aurangabad, MS Chauhan confirmed that the conservation project will soon be taken up. “There are more than five Jain temples. We are preparing a proposal to conserve more temples in the Anjaneri area. At present, we are preparing the estimated cost of the project. By early next year, we should be able to start with the conservation work at these temples.”

    Chauhan said that the temples could be restored and that his department was exploring the options to see how they could conserve it best. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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