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Ban on Sallekhana; Belagavi Jains to organize large peace rally

    Belagavi (Karnataka), August 22, 2015: Expressing dissatisfaction to the recent verdict of Rajasthan high court that banned Santhara/Sallekhana, a centuries old religious belief of Jains by equalising it with suicide, the Jain community in Belagavi, which is in considerable number will hold large peace rally in city on Monday.

    Thousands of Jains will take part in the rally with black ribbons on shoulders and submit memorandum to the deputy commissioner, addressing to Rajasthan CM and prime minister. On the day, all the Jains in city will keep their commercial establishments, factories and educational institutions closed.

    Addressing the press conference here on Saturday, Rajeev Doddannavar and Rajendra Jain, president and secretary of Belagavi Jain Samaj respectively, said Santhara is the religious belief and according to Jain religion, it’s way to achieving Moksha. Santhara is taken voluntarily with permission of members of family and community. But unfortunately, Rajasthan high court has equalized it to the suicide, which is done secretly by a person frustrated with life.

    Rajendra Jain said Santhara is the religious practice in Jain community since the days of Tirthankars. Ten followers of Bhagawan Mahaveer had taken Santhara. It’s a process of respectfully leaving the life. Almost Jain seers take Santhara. He said 10th August 2015 is the darkest day to the Jain community, when Rajasthan high court termed Santhara is illegal equalising it to suicide. However, Jain community will challenge the verdict in supreme court, he said.

    Human rights activist and lawyer Nikhil Soni and his lawyer Madhav Mishra had filed public interest litigation (PIL) in the Rajasthan high court, claiming that Santhara is illegal. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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