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Devotees in Gujarat reminded of 11 ‘karmas’

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), September 14, 2012: On the second day of Paryushan on Thursday, various derasars across the city witnessed huge rush of Jain devotees when thousands flocked to join religious discourses during the 9-day period of coming together.

    While the discourse of first day revolved around five duties during Paryushan, the second day discourse revolved around the 11 karmas (action) which every Jain devotee has to follow in his lifetime.

    Seniormost Muni at Hutheesing no dero, Acharya Kundukunda Surishwarji Maharaj said, “The first karma is of Sanghpooja, or mass worshipping. The second is worshipping and respecting those of the same religion. The third is to go on yatra once in a year and the fourth is Snaatra Mahotsav, where the birth of the Lord is celebrated.”

    Delivered a discourse on the same tenets at Rang Sagar Upashrays, Narchandra Surishwarji Maharaj added that the fifth karma denotes auctioning in the name of Lord. The sixth asks devotees to do a mahapooja of Jain idol, at least once in a year, while the seventh asks people for ‘Ratri jaagran’ (stay awake at night remembering Lord). The remaining karmas include listening to discourses, celebrating, going on tirth yatra and confession of sins, he said. – News Courtesy: DNA India

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