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Injustice to Jains Cannot be Tolerated

    Hubli (Dharwad District, Karnataka), September 24, 2012: His Holniess Yuvacharya Muni 108 Sri Gunadharanandiji Maharaj has said that – “any injustice to Jains & Jain community in Karnataka cannot be tolerated”. He has given an ultimatum of September 30th to the Government of Karnataka to take required corrective measures, failing to which he has said that the Government will have to pay a heavy price. Speaking to media persons on Sunday he has said that the injustice metted out to the Jain community in the state has been brought to the notice of chief minister & the state BJP president of Karnataka. He has expressed his displeasure over their inaction.

    Speaking further he has said that the state Government hasn’t given any representation to the Jain community in the recent reshuffle of its ministry nor have they given any positions to Jains in different state run boards and corporations. He has expressed his displeasure over not providing the required scholarships & reservations to Jain students studying in various courses.

    He added that – ‘In addition to the above, the Government has removed Sri V.Dhananjaya Kumar from the post of the states special representative at Delhi. Further they have removed a couple of Jains from the posts of Chairman of boards & coorporations. This is a clear proof to show the disrespect shown by the BJP run state Government towards the Jains’.

    He opined that – ‘We Jains will not be uplifted just by getting these political positions, but this is a honour that the Jain community deserves’.

    Meeting on September 30 – Gunadharanandiji has called upon the leaders of Jain community to attend a meeting at Navagraha Tirtha, Varur on September 30th to discuss about the next steps to be taken by the Jains of Karnataka to fight their rights. – Jain Heritage Centres News Service

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