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Jain community starts facility for animals’ health, well-being

    Pune (Maharashtra), October 16, 2016: Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, who is also an avid animal lover, launched the Happy Animal Project, which, apart from other initiatives, includes the setting up of a stateof-the-art hospital meant for the treatment and well-being of stray animals.
    The hospital has the backing of the Pune Royal Group, an organization of the Jain community in Pune, and the Sadagi Abhiyan, another Jain community group which spreads awareness of simple living and against overspending at weddings.
    Officials at the Pune Royal Group said that the project aims to provide proper care and love to stray animals that are either injured due to some mishap or victims of cruelty.
    “The PFA (People for Animals) unit in Pune has been working in the city for a few years and has always done a good job. The Happy Animal Project, which is being launched in association with the PFA, aims to help the street animals which need help and care. Jainism teaches people to be kind and compassionate towards all animals and ‘Jiv Daya’ or compassion for animals is one of our basic principles. With the project being launched, the community will do its best to take this forward and care for the animals in the city,” Nitin Jain, Pune Royal Group founding member, said. PFA Pune was set up in 1999 and since then, has been working for animals and it is among the largest animal welfare organization for street animals in Maharashtra. PFA Pune operates through its sub-units that focus on various aspects of animal welfare and animal rights.
    The organization stresses on awareness drives such as sensitizing children towards animals by reaching out to schools in and around Pune.
    In addition, the organization aims to develop outreach programs to build awareness towards animal welfare and to bring an end to animal cruelty .Over the years, they have rescued many animals.
    Saying he was happy to be a part of the event, Randeep Hooda said: “I work for the (care of) animals and it makes be very happy. I was in an aircraft and was having a conversation with a senior citizen. He told me not to change the world but to change one thing. This will slowly have its effects and you will reach your goal. I wish the very best to the people here who have taken up this good cause,” Hooda said. – News Courtesy: The Times of India

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