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Jain devotees gather in thousands for ‘deeksha’

    Nagpur (Maharashtra), April 27, 2017: A grand ‘shobha yatra’ was organized by Jain Shravak Sangh from Dhanson’s Lawn, Wardhaman Nagar, as part of three-day programme to mark the ‘deeksha’ ceremony of Devam Kochar (35) from Bengaluru. Thousands of Jain devotees from across the country have gathered in the city for the occasion.
    On the first day of the programme, deeksharthi varghoda (shobha yatra) was carried out from Dhanson’s Lawn, Wardhaman Nagar. “Every person who takes ‘deeksha’ carries out deeksharthi varghoda to donate everything he has in his possession,” said Mahendra Katariya, in charge of Shobha Yatra Committee.
    The rally passed through the main streets with the devotees chanting slogans in praise of Kochar and also spreading the message of unity in the society. An artificial horse carriage was present in the rally on which Kochar was sitting during the shobha yatra that passed through Ambedkar Chowk, Pritam Complex, Mehta Petrol Pump and back to Wardhaman Nagar. Devotees followed the horse carriage and chanted slogans of ‘Dharti ambar kare pukar deeksharthi ki jai jai kar’. Orchestras were also organized during the rally. “Deeksha is an oath taken by Jain community members who want to serve the society by becoming a saint after shunning lavish lifestyle,” added Katariya.
    The three-day function will also include congratulation ceremony of the deeksharthi, maha bhinish kraman yatra and deeksha mahotsav. Kochar will take ‘deeksha’ in the presence of Acharya Vijaya Rajyaje and Swami Vatsaly (Gautam Prasadi). Kochar will take ‘deeksha’ and lead his future life as a saint. “It is a great privilege to take ‘deeksha’ in our community. ‘Deeksha’ is a path of control over desires and follow dharma,” said Gautam Singi.
    The other spiritual programmes are slated to be held at Shreyas Convent, Wardhaman Nagar. – News & Image Courtesy: The Times of India

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