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‘Jain Heritage Centres’ Completes 13 Years

    Jain Heritage Centres Completes 13 Years

    Jai Jinendra!

    Dear All,

    I take this opportunity to let you all know that we – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM (JHC) have completed 13 years of successful operations today i.e. May 26, 2015. On this occasion I whole heartedly thank each one of you for supporting us over the years and helping us reach the stage what we are today.

    Let me take this opportunity to quickly give you a progress report of our footsteps over the past year and our plans for the forthcoming year.

    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Tumkur (Karnataka) & Ananthapur (Andhra Pradesh) District – June 2014  – This was very interesting study that covered Tumkur district & the bordering Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Haveri District, Karnataka – July 2014 – The Jain heritage in this district in very interesting & unexplored. Thanks to Sri Ravikumar Navalagunda a researcher in Jainism for helping us explore this region. There has been some very interesting revelations during our visit to this region in.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Chikamagalur District, Karnataka – August 2015 – The Jain heritage in this district in unique and has Jain connections with the Tulunadu that dates back to 13th & 14th century with connections to the Byrarasas of Karkala. We were able to explore the vast Jain heritage of this region. I cannot forget the help offered by Sri Mahavir Prasad of Horanadu during this visit without which it was highly impossible to explore the Jain heritage’s in this region.
    • Website for Swadi Jain Math – October 2015 – We developed an exclusive website (Link – for Sri Swadi Jain Math one of the oldest Jain Math. This was a small contribution from our team at JHC to enable the development of this ancient Jain Heritage Centre. Our special thanks to His Holiness Swasti Sri Bhattakalanka Bhatarakha Swamiji, the pontiff over here for all the guidance and blessings offered in developing this website.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Gujarat & Rajasthan – December 2014 & January 2015 – The history of Jainism in Gujarat & Rajasthan is very rich and unique and always attracts the visitors and researchers. We were no exception to this and had planned an extensive tour of 13 days across these 2 states. We covered more than 40 plus Jain heritage centres in this span and had a great opportunity to study & understand the unique Jain heritage in this region. The special guidance by Sri Pankaj Doshi & his son Mitul Doshi made our travel a very memorable & fruitful experience. I am short of words to thank & express the love shown by them.
    • Event Microsite on Karkala Mahamasthakabhisheka – January 2015 – JHC was able to develop an exclusive microsite (Link – on Karkala Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava 2015 and it has been considered as the 1st ever event microsite on Jainism. The microsite consisted of the extensive literature on the history of Karkala & Mahamasthakabhisheka. Special thanks to Sri Neerenki Parshwanath & Sri C.A.Prabhath Kumar of Karkala for helping us out in this initiative.
    • Study of Delhi’s Jain Heritage – March 2015 – I had the privilege of visiting Delhi for a short span due to some professional assignment. I did utilize this visit to study Delhi’s Jain Heritage. Special thanks to my mentor Sri R.P.Jain, Sri Chakresh Jain Uncleji & my best buddy Gaurav Jain for their help and guidance during this visit.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Hassan & Udupi District – April 2015 – We travelled extensively in this region and came across some interesting important Jain heritage sites.
    • Renovation of Jain Temple at Makodu – In addition all the above there was something more interesting that’s progressing with Makodu. The initial coverage on JHC about the ancient ruined Parshwanath Swamy Jain temple at Makodu instigated a lot of people to get involved with its renovation. As a result of this a trust has been formed with myself, Brahmanand Chipre (one of the core members of JHC) and others as its trustees. Thanks to the efforts of Sri N Prasanna Kumar of Mysore in facilitating this, he has been the key person behind this entire initiative. In addition to this the support and blessings offered by Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade & D.Surendrakumar of Dharmasthala has provided an impetus to the entire initiative. The planning is the final stages and renovation is expected to start some time within the next few months. This initiative on completion I believe will be one of the big success stories for the team at JHC and will add in  more credibility.

    The past one year has been a period with lot of traveling along with a few remarkable milestones. A lot of literature has been gathered coupled with numerous photographs and videos. We plan to upload them on to the website with proper documentation. Support by volunteers to help us in our mission is always welcome.

    Efforts are on to revamp JHC with many new features. Please watch out for announcements in this connection in the coming days.

    Our special thanks to all the people who have patronised and helped us directly or indirectly with our projects and the website. Hope to continue our service to Jainism through your continued support.

    Thanking You,

    With Kind Regards,

    NITIN H.P.

    Managing Trustee, Jain Heritage Foundation
    Phone: +91 9880818869

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