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‘Jain Heritage Centres’ Completes 14 Years – New column ‘Jinayatra’ Launched

    Jai Jinendra!

    Dear All,

    I take this opportunity to inform you WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM (JHC) has completed 14 years of successful operations today i.e. May 26, 2016. On this occasion I whole heartedly thank each one of you for supporting us over the years.

    Progress Report – Let me take this opportunity to quickly give you a progress report of our footsteps over the past year.

    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Tamil Nadu – July 2015 – We travelled to some interesting sites in Tamil Nadu that include Krishnagiri, Vellore, Pondi, Arni, Arihantagiri (Tirumalai), Thachampady, Valathy, Nelliyankulam, Kannalam, Melsithamur, Ponnur Malai, Ponnur Village, Vangaram & Salukai. Special thanks to Prof. Kanaka Ajithadoss Sir and Sri C.Devakumarn for helping us explore this region.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Kolkata – September 2015 – We visited the Jain heritages in Kolkata for a day & thanks to Sri Rajesh Jain, Kolkata for facilitating the visit.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Jharkhand, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh – September / October 2015 – This was a long awaited study & pilgrimage that finally materialized. We visited the Jain heritages in Jharkhand, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh with most of them being Siddakshetras.
    • Documenting the Installation of a Brahma Yaksha Temple – November 2015 – We had a unique opportunity to document the installation of Brahma Yaksha Temple at Kanakagiri constructed by Sri Dharanendraiah & family, Bengaluru. This indeed was unique considering the fact the we hardly get to see the installation rituals of Brahma Yaksha.
    • Study of Jain Heritage’s in Mandya District, Karnataka – May 2016 – The Jain heritage in this district in very ancient and a couple of them dates back to as old as 7th to 9th century A.D. Our visit Aratipura and few other sites revealed some interesting historical facts.
    • Work on Sallekhana – The judgment by the honorable high court of Rajasthan related to Sallekhana/Santhara led to a lot of debate in the society and reached the Supreme Court of India. I personally worked with the team of legal experts that worked on this case & provided considerable inputs to them. I am glad that I was able to contribute in such an important case related to Jainism. Special thanks to Sri R.P.Jain uncle for connecting me with the right people.
    • Research on Sallekhana – My involvement in the Sallekhana case paved the way to conduct more in depth research on Sallekhana and its memorials and presented papers related to the subject at national and international conferences held at Bhilwada (Rajasthan) and Madras University (Chennai). This was followed by a talk on the same subject late in the year to a group of interfaith audience. We spent close to 3 months of the entire year with Sallekhana related research and plan to publish the findings in a book form later this year. 

    The past one year has been a period with a bit traveling and lot of research. A lot of literature has been gathered coupled with numerous photographs and videos. We plan to published them online and as well in the book form!

    Launch of a new Column JinayatraI have been working JHC over the past 14 years and involved in activities related to Jainism for more than a decade and half. I have come across very unique experiences and has been a journey within a journey. Jinayatra is a culmination of all such unique experiences and anecdotes behind the travelogue. This will have articles published in the form of blogs regularly based on my experiences. Click here to read more about this section.

    Support by volunteers to help us in our mission is always welcome. Efforts are on to revamp JHC and make it responsive. Please watch out for announcements in this connection in the coming days.

    Our special thanks to all the people who have patronized and helped us directly or indirectly with our projects and the website. Hope to continue our service to Jainism through your continued support.

    Thanking You,

    With Kind Regards,

    NITIN H.P.
    Managing Trustee, Jain Heritage Foundation
    Phone: +91 9880818869

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