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Jains celebrate Janma Kalyank Mahostav

    Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), April 5, 2012: The 2611th Janma Kalyank Mahostav of Lord Mahaveer was celebrated by Jains in city amidst religious fervour and fanfare under the aegis of Sri Sambhavanath Jain Swetamber Pujak Sangh and Sri Sambhavanath Rajendrasuri Jain Swetamber Trust.

    The festivities that began with Bhaktambar Stothra at 6.30 a.m. witnessed Santi Snatra Pujan at 7.30 a.m. and a colourful procession from Jain Temple at Marwari Temple Street with the presiding deity decked on an aesthetically decorated vehicle.

    The members of Jain community carried the idols of Lord Mahaveer on a palanquin and along with ladies and girls, chanting the name of Lord Mahaveer, the procession waded through streets of One Town such as Main Road, Ramanayya Cool Drinks Shop, Hindu High School, Police Station Road, Park Road and culminated at Jain Temple.

    In the afternoon, Mahaveer Panch Kalyanakpjua, and Chapan Dikumari Mahostav (Janma Mahostav) were held. In the evening aaratis were preformed to all the deities at the temple.

    Several members of Sangh and Trust – Mr. Mohanlal Golecha, Gulabchand Jain, Mr. Pannalal Jain, Mr. Parasmal Jain, Mr. Kushalraj Katariya, Mr. Praveen Bhadotariya, Mr. Ramanlal Jain and Mr. Indermal Jain were present.

    Mr. Vijay Chouhan, vice-President, Sri Sambhavnath Jain Seva Mandal, Mr. Praveen Ranka, Secretary, Sri Sambhavnath Jain Seva Mandal, Mr. Rajendra Jain, joint secretary, Sri Sambhavnath Jain Seva Mandal and others supervised the procession. – News & Image Courtesy: The Hindu

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