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Jains hurt over frivolous depiction of Bahubali

    Mangalore (Karnataka), August 13, 2013: The distorted depiction of Lord Bahubali in a Kannada drama has annoyed Jains and other patrons of the religion in Karnataka. A recent production staged by Rupantara, drama troupe in Bangalore has hurt the Jains and other patrons of the religion and given way for new set of controversies. The production said to be based on Pampa’s Adipurana has envisaged the conflict between violence and non-violence in a pellucid manner.

    A perpetual and contemporary effort has been made to establish the humanitarian relationship amongst people and to live in harmony. Though it has tried to put forth images/characters of Bharatha and Bahubali as depicted in renowned classics, it has failed miserably in its attempt. The present production ‘Chakraratna’ scripted by K Y Narayanaswamy and directed by K S D L Chandru has given way to many of the ambiguities in the theme.

    Though the production of the play draws attention with its professionalism, it has led to many controversial aspects in the script itself. It has distorted established concepts and beliefs about Jain deity Lord Bahubali. Violating literary norms and ethos – the production has many lacunae and this further leads to ambiguities in depicting the characters particularly that of Lord Bahubali, Nitin HP, executive director, stated.

    The author has violated literary norms and production ethos in name of creativity. The story of Bharatha and Bahubali is well known to people interested in literature and religion. The sequence of Bahubali relinquishing his victory over his brother Bharatha has been exacerbated by decharacterising the original image of Bahubali. Move to depict the Lord as a cobbler in the name of creativity is objectionable, deplorable and unpardonable.

    Observing that there are other distortions observed in the script, Nitin said members of Jain community viewed the productions staged subsequently on June 15 and August 11 by this troupe. All the points mentioned above were discussed at length with the author and the director and were appraised about the distortions in the script. Members and devotees of Jain community felt this distorted image of their most revered deities sends a false message. – Published in Times of India Mangalore on August 13, 2013 at the Behest of WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM’s initiative (Link on Times of India Website –

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