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Jains in Ahmedabad celebrate Gyan Panchami

    Ahmedabad (Gujrat), November 7, 2013: Various Jain Sanghs of the city offered devotees a special darshan of rare granth (books), religious scriptures and antique idols on Thursday, to mark Gyan Panchami, a Jain festival. On this day, Jains symbolically worship Gyan (knowledge), or their old religious books and scriptures.

    The Surendrasuri Jain Tatva Gyan Shala in Naranpura arranged an exhibition-cum-darshan of old scriptures for devotees. Gunwant Shah, a trustee, said, “In Jainism we believe in worshipping knowledge on this day, for which we do darshan of old scriptures and religious granths. Religious messages on papyrus, carvings on elephant tusks and carvings of the 24 Jain Tirthankars on rice grains are all kept for darshan.” All the religious scriptures on display are believed to be between 200 and 500 years old.

    Shah added, “It is believed that Jains must worship knowledge on this day so as to attain moksha”.

    Besides the granths, ancient Jain idols and scriptures written in gold ink were among ancient artifacts kept for darshan. In another unique feature of these celebrations, vasa-kshep (sandalwood powder) is used to anoint the idols – an act which is considered especially virtuous by Jains. The darshan will also be open for devotees in all Jain Sanghs on Friday.

    All Jain Sanghs to keep rare artefacts for darshan till Friday. – News & Image Courtesy: DNA India

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