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Jains offer prayers to Lord Mahavir on his Moksha

    Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), November 13, 2012: The festival of lights is special for followers of Jainism, as it was on this day that Lord Mahavir attained Moksha. Jain temples in the city saw scores of devotees offering laddoos and lighting diyas to their deity.

    “Lord Mahavir commenced his last sermon known as Uttaradhyayan, which lasted until the night of Diwali. At midnight, his soul left his body and attained, Moksha,” said Uttam Chandra Jain, who lives in the old city. He added that 18 kings of northern India were present when Mahavirji delivered his last sermon. They decided that the light of their master’s knowledge should be kept alive symbolically by lighting of lamps. Hence it is called Deepawali.

    He however said that the ritual of lighting lamps is more than tradition. “It is a philosophy that inspires people to awaken their inner vision by practicing the path preached by Lord Mahavir,” he said and added that like Hindus, Jain businessmen also close their accounts for the year and perform a simple puja for the new account books on the occasion of Diwali. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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