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Jains perform havan for Shree Manibhadra

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), October 20, 2012: Thousands of Jain devotees performed havan on Friday morning marking the day when Yakshraj Shree Manibhadra got elevated as God. Organized by Shree Parimal Jain Sangh, the event also witnessed worshipping of 3,600 Manibhadra yantra (a square religious device). The Sangh claimed this is the first time that the yantras in such a large numbers have been worshipped at a single place. Shree Manibhadra is worshipped by Jain devotees, and is believed to have become God around 550 years ago.

    The event was a brainchild of Acharya Jinchandra Surishwarji Maharaj and Hemchandra Surishwarji Maharaj. “He is considered the God who protects his devotees and to protect the jain culture spread in the world,” said Monish Kothari, secretary, Parimal Jain Sangh. He also said that in all there were 102 venues across the state where similar Havans were being organised.

    Held at Sabarmati riverfront of the city, the event also witnessed worship of Manibhadra’s idol, which will be installed at Parimal Sangh on the day of Dev diwali. Kothari also said that on this day, the Sangh submited back its religious book ‘Navkar Pothi’ in its Upashray. The book, he added, was taken out for the event where thousands of devotees wrote 36 lakh navkar mantra from the book.

    Elaborating more on his life, Kothari said, “Shree Manibhadra was a wealthy prince and was known as Manek Shah. He was influenced by a Jain sadhu and with the saint’s blessings set out on a journey, when robbers attacked him. During the fight, it is believed that a part of his body fell in Ujjain, Magarwada and another in Aaglod (70 kms away from Ahmedabad) in Gujarat.” He further said that he became a God on this day, which is month of Aso Sud’s fifth day. – News Courtesy: DNA India

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