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Jains will pray for the turkeys today

    Farmingto Hills (Michigan, USA), November 24, 2011: While many will feast today on turkey, one religious group known for being vegetarian is praying for the millions of turkeys killed for Thanksgiving.

    At the Jain Temple in Farmington Hills today, some will be reciting prayers known as navakar jaap “for all the turkeys that are going to be killed,” says the temple.

    “They have a life, too,” Abhishek Jain of the Jain Temple said of the turkeys being killed. “They have a right to live.”

    The religion and philosophy of Jainism started in India thousands of years ago and has similarities to Hinduism, but is considered by Jains as a separate faith. It emphasizes nonviolence, restraint and peace to all, including animals. – News Courtesy: Detroit Free Press

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