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leaders asks community to condemn female feticide

    Ajmer (Rajasthan), July 16, 2012: In the wake of rising incidents of female feticide in the state, Jain spiritual leaders have now come forward to condone the act and appealed to the community to shun the practice.

    A couple of days ago, khap mahapanchayat, known for following medieval customs, also condemned killing female fetuses and said murder charges would be slapped on those found guilty.

    Jain saint Vishudh Sager appealed to other religious leaders to come together and build a common platform to check the evil practice. Calling the act of killing the girl child inhuman, he said, “Non-violence in not only the base of Jain religion but is preached by all religions and was even advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.”

    Addressing a gathering at Ajmer on ‘Chaturmas’, Muni Sager said, “Girls have a right to live. It is not only our duty but also our religion to ensure that no girl is denied the right.”

    He further said that this is one issue that he will take up at every gathering to drive home the message that killing a girl child is against religion. “In the desire for a boy, mothers are killing girls in their womb which is a sin,” he said.

    “It is my duty to create awareness in the community and the society at large against female feticide.”

    Talking to media, Muni said that it is the duty of a religion to spread awareness against sins and without discretion of caste and creed he has started this movement.

    “No religion allows killing a girl in the womb. When there is non-violence, there is harmony and prosperity. It is the duty of every human to respect the right to live of every creature on this planet,” he said.

    Meanwhile speaking in a gathering in Chota Dhara of Nasiya Muni Prasan Sager said that performing duty is the right religion an non-violence in the duty of each person. Addressing the dhrama sabha muni asked devotees to follow our culture.

    They took initiation to teach foeticide as evil in series of gathering of ‘chaturmas’.

    Muni Sager came to Ajmer to speak in several chaturmas gatherings, talking on the issue of his speech in Pasharvnath Digamber Jaiswal temple of Naka Madar, he said that,

    These chaturmas went for four months mostly during rains, when saints do not prefer to travel and make a stay in some places to give speech to gatherings. Thousands of devotees come to hear these saints, as Ajmer is the main seat of Jain sect; therefore a message from here becomes important for the community. It is to be noted that Jain sect is in majority in Rajasthan and mostly leading business sector. – News Source: Times of India

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