Lord Mahavira Idol Defaced by Muslims in Lucknow

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Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), August 17, 2012: An idol of Lord Mahavira at Bhagawan Mahavir Park in the Daliganj area of Lucknow has been defaced by a group of Muslims in the name of Asam Himsa after Alvida Namaz on Friday August 17, 2012.

This has led to a series of outbursts by the members of Jain community across the world. Jains have taken the matter seriously and have condemned the vandalism in hard words. 

It can be recalled here that The 9 feet high padmasana idol of Lord Mahavira had been installed on April 25, 2002. The Government of Uttar Pradesh had installed this idol on the occasion of 2600th birth anniversary (Janma Kalyana – Jayanthi) of Lord Mahavira. The park earlier called as Hathi Park had been renamed as Bhagawan Mahavir park. The idol of Lord Mahavira had been brought in a procession by the members of Jain community led by Acharya 108 Sri Viveksagarji Maharaj and other Jain ascetics.

WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM condemns this act of vandalism in the strongest possible words and feels it is high time for the Jains to unite and fight for their survival. – News Courtesy: Navbaratha Times, C.S.Praveen Jain & Jain Heritage Centres News Service


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