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Mahavir Jayanti, with a spirit of unity

    Bangalore (Karnataka), April 5,2012: Celebrations are a part of life, where people get together, lifetime bonds are made and an atmosphere of love and happiness prevails. More so, if it is Mahavir Jayanti.

    Jains across the city observed this auspicious day at Freedom Park on Wednesday with a grand celebration of the 2611th year of Lord Mahavir.

    Jain Yuva Sanghatan has been organizing this function for 24 years. This year too, 25,000 to 30,000 Jains attended the ceremony. B Rajesh Bantia, chairman, Jain Yuya Sanghatan Celebration Community, said, “The festival’s significance is to promote and propagate Lord Mahavir’s teachings. The principles of Ahimsa, non-violence and equality for all are propagated.”

    The festival has on display 20-25 tableaux depicting Lord Mahavir’s teachings. The procession started from Town Hall at 8am and ended at Freedom Park. Women were dressed in colourful and vibrant sarees. A religious discourse by gurujis, sadhus and sadhvis went on till afternoon.

    Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated collectively by all Jain sects.

    Bantia said: “This festival used to be celebrated by individuals or those staying in the same area. We decided to put an end to that and celebrate together now. Next year will be the 25th year of our celebration and we plan to make it a three-day event.” – News Courtesy: Mandrita Bose (Times of India)

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