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Man Held with 4 Jain idols in Ajmer

    Ajmer (Rajasthan), January 4, 2014: Police on Wednesday arrested a man and recovered four Jain idols from his possession. It was later found that he had stolen these statues from the Jain temple at Shastri Nagar in Bhilwara in 2004 and was now planning to sell them in the market. The accused was trapped by the police when they were on heels to find out the robbers who stole statues from Ajmer recently.

    According to Kotwali police, they made a network to find out a seller of Jain idols in the market. They spread the word that there is a good buyer of Jain statues in Ajmer. “35-year-old Nandaram from Gangapur city of Bhilwara district contacted the undercover police source and showed him four Jain idols. He demanded Rs one lakh for each idol,” said officials.

    Sources said that the undercover agent made some bargain with Nandaram and agreed to pay the amount in cash and he called him to Ajmer. “Nandaram reached the government college crossroad by a bus with four idols and after confirmation we arrested him,” added police.

    It was found that there are 17 criminal cases pending against Nandaram who originally belongs to Keedkhera of Bhilwara and is now settled in Gangapur city.

    Police recovered four Jain idols from him and it was confirmed that they were stolen in 2004 from Shastri Nagar temple of Bhilwara, “He was waiting for the case to settle down and now he brought out these statues to sell them in the market,” added officials.

    The police is now searching for the robbers who stole three statues from Jain temple in Dargah bazaar recently. There was pressure on the police as they failed to get any clue on statues stolen previously from Jain temples of the city. Sources said that these statues are made up of eight elements and are precious. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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