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Michchhami dukkadam, say Jains

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat), September 20, 2012: Thousands of Jains dressed up as Jain monks and flocked to the Upashrays for performing rituals (Pratikraman) on Wednesday, the last day of Paryushan better known as Samvatsari, for self purification and in pursuit of salvation.

    During the previous eight days of Paryushan, Jain devotees kept a fast and consumed only boiled water.

    Acharya Yashpremsurishwarji Maharaj of Shwetambar sect of Rangsagar Jain Group said, “The rituals were performed today afternoon in the Upashray which was attended by thousands of devotees.

    The three hour long rituals are most important in Jain religion and Samvatsari is the biggest and the most important day for Jains.” He further said that Samvatsari is the only day, when devotees wear white clothes, live the life of a monk for one day and perform the rituals.

    Prernatirth Derasar had organized ‘Vyakhyan’ (lecture) based on a Jain Granth with 1,200 shlokas on Wednesday morning, which was attended by thousands of devotees.

    “This book is read once in a year and is called Barsa Sutra,” said Panyas Rajhans Vijayji maharaj of the Derasar. “It is said that if a devotee reads it 21 times, he/she would attain moksha,” said Bhadresh Shah, trustee of Amam Upashray of Paldi.

    Jains do not believe in harming living beings. They ask for forgiveness from fellow humans for any misdeeds in their lifetime. “After performing rituals, we asked Micchami Dukkadam to each other, which means ‘if I have caused you offence in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, in thought, word, or deed, then I seek your forgiveness.

    Paryushan ends with the destruction of the ego and freeing oneself of all ill-feelings from others,” said Shah.

    Vishok Jain, a devotee, and member of Rangsagar Upashray shared his beautiful experience and said, “It is the best experience for every Jain devotee. I’m free of all the grudges I held within myself for years.” – News Courtesy: DNA India

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