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Mysore has new marvel in rebuilt Jain temple

    Mysore (Karnataka), November 29, 2011: The heritage city has a new marvel in Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan temple, a place of worship built in marble that scales up to 72 feet. The temple will be consecrated on Wednesday in the presence of Jain seers.

    What started as an initiative to rebuild the temple has gifted the city another wonder some 80 years after Sri Sumathinath temple was constructed in Halladakeri near the Silver Jubilee clock tower. Then Mysore Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar had participated in its inauguration in 1928 and had lauded the contributions of the Jain community.

    Shri Sumathinath Jain Shwethambar Association started construction of the Shanthinath Bhagwan temple located in Devaraja Mohalla in 2006, which is now completed. The temple, spread over 4,300 sqft was built using Makrana marble and comprises of two floors. One mantap and three Shikaras are built. The Jain temple was built without using a single piece of iron and the entire Makrana marble had been brought here from Jaipur in Rajasthan. The walls and 10 pillars of temple have 76 eye-catching carvings of different gods, which include Vidya Devi, Sarswathi and some other gods while designs of five rosewood doors reminds one of the doors of heritage structures and the elephant carvings on three silver coated doors of sanctum sanctorum gives an ancient look to the temple.

    Chairman of the Shri Sumathinath Jain Shwethambar Association Hansraj Pagariy told TOI that the temple was constructed at a cost of Rs 1 crore. A total of 37 sculptors Rajashtan carved the idols and interiors. He said that this is the only temple of Shri Shanhinath Bhagwan in South India that is similar to the structure of Dilwara Jain temple situated at Mt Abu. Shanthinath Bhagawan is the 16th of 24 Thirthankaras, he stated. This is the fourth temple constructed by Swethambar Jain community.

    Pagariy said that idols of Sumathinath Bhagwan and Vasupujya Bhagwan are placed on either sides of the idol of Shri Shanthinath Bhagwan, in the sanctum sanctorum. An idol of Shri Nageshwar Parshwanath is placed on first floor of temple.

    Installation of 19 kalsas made of brass and coated with gold and idols of nine Thrithankaras will resemble Dilwara Jain temple, said Hansraj. Idols of 27 different gods are also installed in the temple. The idol of Shri Shanthinath Bhagwan is 40-years-old and it was brought to Mysore from a Jain temple in Bangalore two decades ago, he stated.

    As part of the opening ceremony of the temple, a 10-day religious programme has been organized, which began started last week. Various pujas are performed in the temple with musical bands performing devotional songs. A grand procession of the idol of Shri Shanthinath Bhagwan will be carried out in the city on Tuesday.

    During the inauguration of the Sri Sumathinath temple at what was then called as Doddapet, the Maharaja had said: “No other adequate proof is needed of the fact that the Jain Swethambar community has settled down in large numbers in the State and that the State is most congenial for their trade and commerce than the magnificent temple you have erected in this ever expanding city.” The temple was consecrated on May 24, 1928, and the maharaja visited it on May 26. – News Courtesy: Times of India

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