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Report of Research Workshop on Siri-Bhoovalaya at Indore – 13th & 14th September 2017

    Indore (Madhya Pradesh), September 14, 2017: Two-day research workshop on Siri-Bhoovalaya was hosted by Kundkund Gyanpeeth, Indore a research centre recognised by Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore, with active support from Tatva Chintan Varsha Yog Samiti. The workshop was graced with holy presence of Pujya Acharya Shree Vishuddha Sagarji Maharaj with Muni Sangh, Pujya Elacharya Shree Nijanand Sagarji Maharaj and Pujya Bhattaraka Shree Abhinav Lakshmisen Swamiji of N. R. Pura, Karnataka.

    Spread over six sessions, there were 12 presentations by invited scholars. Following is concise description of each of the sessions.

    Inaugural Session: (13th Sept. 2017, Wednesday, 9:30-10:45) – Addressing invited scholars and dignitaries Pujya Acharya Shri stated that “Inspirations towards protection of culture and traditions are borne by a truthful successor, those who become heir to wealth and assets often fight amongst themselves. Hence one should strive harder to protect culture and traditions in consideration to wealth. Only those religions survive wherein philosophical principles and literature are well protected. GRANTH, NIRGRANTH and ARIHANT don’t belong to a single place, similarly presence of Siri-Bhoovalaya exists over the whole world like fragrance of a flower.”

    The chief guest of Inaugural session Shri Mahendra Hardiya, a popular member of legislative assembly, remarked that “Kundkund Gyanpeeth is delivering its best for the service of society and number of such Gyanpeeths are required. KundKund Gyanpeeth has an international presence. I am well aware of the contribution of Dr. Anupam Jain and his dedication to the work.”

    Chairperson for the Inaugural session Dr. Narendra Dhakad, vice-chancellor of Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore pointed out that there exist even BAHAI PEETH and SINDHI PEETH in the university but not a JAIN RESEARCH PEETH which is necessary to be established. He assured all possible assistance in setting up a JAIN RESEARCH PEETH in university for spreading JAIN religion, but initiatives have to be taken by JAIN SAMAJ.

    Pujya Elacharya Nijanand Sagarji Maharaj elaborated significance of Siri-Bhoovalaya by designating it as a “SHASTRON KA SHASTRA”. It contains all major languages of the world. It also includes knowledge on subjects like VASTU, GANITA, BHAUTIKI, AYURVED, JYOTISH and RIGVED etc.

    Bhattarak Shree Abhinav Lakshmisen Swamiji of N.R. Pura, Karnataka, explained the meaning of the word “Siri Bhoovalaya” with ‘Siri’ denoting wealth, ‘Bhoo’ denoting earth and ‘Valaya’ denoting the whole of space (LOKAKASH). He mentioned that techniques deployed in this GRANTH are far superior to modern ones.

    While delivering his introductory address titled ‘Seventy years of research on Siri-Bhoovalaya’, Dr. Anupam Jain presented details of the GRANTH and its creator Muni Shree Kumudendu. He further elaborated on the availability of the protected manuscript and described various research works undertaken during past 65-70 years towards this unique GRANTH.
    All invited scholars and guests from India and abroad were accorded welcome by President of KundKund Gyanpeeth Dr. AjitKumarSingh Kasliwal, Shri Pradeep Kumar Singh Kasliwal, Shri Azad Jain, Shri T. K. Ved, Shree Ashok Khasgiwala, Shri Hasmukh Jain Gandhi, Dr. Anupama Vikas Jain, Dr. Surekha Mishra and Shri Pradeep Goyal.

    MANGLACHARAN was performed by Brahmachari Abhaya Bhaiyaji at the commencement of the session. Convenor of this workshop Er. Anil Kumar Jain recited a self-scripted poetry on Siri-Bhoovalaya. Dr. Anupam Jain (Director) conducted the session very effectively. The welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Kasliwal. The vote of thanks was presented by Shree T. K. Ved.

    Among more than hundred persons who were present in this session included Pandit Ratanlal Shastri, Brahmachari Anil Bhaiya, Prof. S. K. Bandi, Dr. Sandhya Jain, Dr. Pragati Jain, Dr. Jitendra Sharma, Dr. Surajmal Bobra, Dr. Prakash Chand Jain, Shri Jaisen Jain, Shri Ramesh Kasliwal and Shri Hemant Jain. Those present at the session also visited the exhibition on literature (published / unpublished) on Siri-Bhoovalaya, which was organised at the same venue.

    Date 13-09-17 Wednesday
    First Technical Session, 14:00 – 15:30

    • Chair Person – Dr. Satish Kumar P. Kagwad, Bengaluru
    • Convenor – Dr. S.K.Bandi, Indore
    • Speakers
      • Sri Ajit Benadi, Germany – Siribhoovalaya, what should be done
      • Sri Nitin H.P., Bengaluru – An Approach for Non-Kannada Scholars in Deciphering ‘Siri Bhoovalaya’

    Second Technical Session, 16:00 – 17:30

    • Chair Person – Sri Ajit Benadi, Germany
    • Convenor – Dr. Pragati Jain, Indore
    • Speakers
      • Dr. Padmashree Anand, Bengaluru – Challenges in the Research work on Siri Bhoovalaya
      • Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jain, Indore – सिरि भूवलय: वैञानिकों के लिए चुनौती

    Date 14-09-17 Thursday
    Third Technical Session, 9:00 – 11:00

    • Chair Person – Dr.S.P.Padmaprasad, Tumkuru
    • Convenor – Prof. Anupam Jain, Indore
    • Speakers –
      • Er.Anil Kumar Jain, Indore – सिरि भूवलय संरचना मे कुछ पक्श
      • Dr.Arvind Jain, Indore – Software- Siri Bhoovalaya
      • Dr.Keval P.Jain, Bengaluru – Brief introduction about Smt.Sharadadevi Adirajaiah Doddabele
      • Break 11:00-11:30 and than session continue 11:30-12:40
      • Dr. M.G. Narsimhan, Bengaluru – Indian Encryption Systems
      • Dr. Satish Kumar P. Kagwad, Bengaluru – Scientific Perspective of Siri Bhoovalaya

    Fourth Technical Session, 2:30-03:30

    • Chair Person & Dr. Padmashri Anand, Bengaluru
    • Convenor & Dr. Anupam Jain, Indore
    • Speakers –
      • Dr.S.P. Padmaprasad, Tumkuru – Persian Language In Siri Bhoovalaya
      • Sri Dharnaendra Kumar S.J., Belagaavi – Development in Siri Bhoovalaya Research.

    Valedictory Session: (14th September 2017, 15:30-16:30)
    In valedictory session, which was chaired by Dr. AjitKumarSingh Kasliwal, Acharya Vishuddha Sagarji Maharaj in his address mentioned that “Siri Bhoovalaya belongs to AGAM category of scriptures. North India has been birth place of Jain TIRTHANKARs, where as responsibility for protection of AGAMs was carried out by South India. BHATTARAKs have played a very important role in this.”

    Recalling contributions by respected Shri Dev Kumar Singh Kasliwal, Acharya Shri mentioned that his KundKund Gyan Peeth is a well-known name not only in this country but also overseas too. He also added that ppraiseworthyefforts by Kundkund Gyanpeeth in protection and promotion of Indianculture and traditions will lead this institution to stature of Nalanda Viswavidyalaya.

    On this occasion Pujya Elacharya Nijanad Sagarji reiterated that Siri-Bhoovalaya is “SHASTRON KA SHASTRA” and scholars should dedicate their efforts in furthering research on it. He also added that his support and blessings will always be there for this cause.

    Bhattarak Shree Abhinav Lakshmisen Swamiji from N.R. Pura expressed his views on why we should honour scholars? He further added that since scholars dedicate themselves to protect our culture and heritage hence it is responsibility of the society to honour them.

    Director of the workshop Dr. Anupam Jain informed that yearly workshops on Siri-Bhoovalaya shall be organised in different parts of the country. He also asserted that a project proposal to add acceleration to research work is being finalised with recommendation and suggestion from all concerned and this will be released soon.

    On this occasion a publication of Kundkund Gyanpeeth titled “JAIN VIGYAN EVAM ADHUNIK VIGYAN” was released and was dedicated to Acharya Shree. Prof. L. C. Jain authored this book and it was edited by Dr. Anupam Jain.

    All invited guests and scholars were honoured with a certificate and set of books by Acharya Shree Vishuddha Sagarji Maharaj. Workshop convenor Er. Anil Kumar Jain was honoured with shawl, shreephal, certificate and book-set. Workshop was well attended by more than a hundred interested persons. The workshop concluded with presidential address and thanks giving by Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Kasliwal. – Report & Photos Courtesy: Kundakunda Jnanapeetha, Indore

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