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Science described in Jain scriptures to be put to experiment

    Ahmedabad (Gujrat), December 2, 2013: When one hears about Indian culture, one of the first things one would hear would be many of the experiments that have been conducted by modern science have already been described in ancient scriptures. Right from nature of universe and the existence of atoms to metaphysical objects such as soul have fascinated the scientists and enthusiasts alike.

    However, as science requires proof, now an organization has decided to turn a number of concepts into experiments. City-based Research Institute of Scientific Secrets from Indian Oriental Scriptures (RISSIOS) has procured land in Mumbai for the purpose and the promoters are hopeful that they would be able to throw new light on the already known subjects by the next year. The institute has been established by Jain Acharya Vijaynandighosh Suri.

    The institute in collaboration with LD Institute of Indology had organized three-day seminar on ‘Modern Physics and Jain Darshan’ that concluded on Sunday. Scientists and subject experts along with Acharya discussed subjects such as quantum physics, concepts in Einstein’s theories of relativity and existence of soul vis-a-vis Jain philosophy and scriptures.

    “Along with the studies of Jain scriptures, I also started understanding concepts of science and started comparing the two fields. Both have its own guiding principles but what we want to do is to awaken the citizens to their own rich legacy and heritage. Thus, we started the institute and we have conducted a number of experiments so far with astonishing results,” said Acharya Suri.

    The institute has conducted experiments on power of mantra and music, Jain method of testing quality of food and has published papers and books on subjects such as science in Jainism, impact of sound on humans, penance in Jainism and its scientific base and so on.

    “Many believe that it was the pre- and post-British Raj period where we lost our roots and embraced the new ideas and philosophies. Even today, we take the examples from western world on quintessential subjects like spirituality, concepts of rebirth and Vedic and Jain mathematics. Why can’t we study these subjects and come out with original research?” asked an institute official. -News Courtesy: Times of India

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