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Scientists believe Jain religion is scrupulous: Gyanmati Mata

    Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), June 23, 2015: The world scientists have believed that the Jain religion is scrupulous as it is diligent and through in practice. There were only 70 Digambar Jain Seers and Sadhwis in 1952. Today the toll has reached to 1450. The religion is being promoted rapidly amidst the mass with the development of advance technology.

    These views were expressed by Aryika 105 Gyanmati Mata addressing Digambar Jain community people on her arrival in the city on Monday. The community accorded her a grand reception at Koyla Phatak and the procession accompanied by the live band reached to the boarding. In her address Aryika said Lord Rishabhdev is the first Tirthankar who had taught man farming, education, religion, scriptures and politics. Today people only know Lord Mahavir as the deity of Jains. He was the 24th Tirthankar. He was born 2612 years back while Lord Rishabhdev is the deity of since forevermore. Aryika informed that an International Panch Kalyanak Mahotsava was being organized in Mangitungi Maharashtra. She was going to attend it while plying from Hastinapur Delhi. She requested community people to attend the programme.

    Chandanamati Mata said there was an immense power in the devotion of God. One should avoid bad practices in their life. Seer Shivsagar said all the wishes get fulfilled while praying to the almighty. Pramod Kumar Kasliwal, Hasmukh Gandhi, Ashok Jain Chaywala, Indarmal Jain and others were present. Sanjay Bohra conducted the programme.

    International Panchkalyanak Samiti State president Hasmukh Gandhi informed that Tapo Bhumi president Ashok Jain Chaywala has been included in the State committee. Ujjain committee has been assigned responsibility for the organisation of the event. – News Courtesy:

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