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Shocking attack on Muni Prabhalsagarji at Girnar

    Jain Muni Prabhalsagarji in Hospital

    Girnar (Gujarat), January 1, 2013: Digambar Jain Muni 108 Sri Prabhalsagarji Maharaj (disciple of Acharya 108 Sri Pushpadantha Sagarji Maharaj) was attacked by miscreants at around 6:35 pm at Girnar. He has been stabbed in his stomach 4 times through knife by the miscreants and has been seriously injured. Muni Sri is in a critical condition. Earlier in the day a group of Jains along with Upadhyaya Muni 108 Sri Gyanasagarji Maharaj & Muni 108 Sri Prabhalasagarji Maharai had visited the Girnar hill to offer their prayers at the foot impressions of Lord Sri Neminath on the Girnar hill.

    Muni Maharaj is in the 5th tonk of the Girnar hill when reports last came in (12 midnight January 1, 2013). Efforts are on to get Muni Sri to the foot steps of the hill by dholi. Around 1000 people are said to be assembled at the

    It can be recalled here that there exists a long standing dispute on Girnar hills between the Jains & a section of people said to have been the followers of Guru Datta. This incident might have been an outfall of this dispute and a section of people might have been enraged over the visit of Digambar Jain Munis to the hillock.

    WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM condems this henious act in the toughest possible words and calls upon the Jain community to unite & condemn this act.

    Muni Sri Out of Danger – After the attack Muni Sri bleeded very badly & became unconcious. He was shifted to the hospital & 4 bottles each of glucose & blood were given to him. Muni Sri was operated later in the night (2.30 am January 2, 2013) at Junagadh and he is out of danger. His condition seems to be stable and he is responding to the treatment.

    Upadhaya Muni 108 Sri Gyanasagarji Maharaj, Kshullakha 105 Sri Dhyanasagarji Maharaj, Aryika Sri Vigyanamati Mataji are all present at Girinar along with Muni Sri.

    Renounced from Diksha: Since Muni Sri is subjected to medication he has been renounced from diksha as per the instructions received from his guru Achrya 108 Sri Pushpadantha Sagarji Maharaj. Muni Sri was very dissappointed owing to the fact that he has been renounced from Muni Diksha. He will be reinstated into the ascetichood once he recovers fully from the injuries.

    Thoughts of Sallekhana: Since he has been renounced from Sallekhana he has started thinking about taking sallekhana.

    Charukeerthi Swamiji of Moodabidri Condemns attack – His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Panditacharyavarya Swamiji of Moodabidri Jain Mutt has condemned the attack on Muni Sri. He held special prayers in the premises of the Jain Mutt & chanted Namokara Mantra seeking Muni Sri’s faster recovery. He has urged the Gujarat Government to punish the guilty.

    Hosadurga Jain Samaj Conducts Special Prayers – Members of Hosadurga Jain samaj convened a meeting in the premises of Sri Suparshwanatha Digambar Jain temple at Hosadurga. They have condemned the attack & conducted mass chanting of Namokara Mantra seeking faster recovery of Muni Sri.

    – Inputs from Mayank Kanjolia, Darpan Jain, Manish Jain, Nipun Jain, H.P.Sumathikumar, Nitin H.P. & Jain Heritage Centres News Service

    News in Prajavani Kannada Daily – January 3, 2013

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