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The Biggest ever Jain Mahotsava at Ahmedabad

    For the first time in Ahmedabad, 27 Jain Acharyas, more than 750 Jain monks and nuns and one lakh plus devotees will celebrate the Mahamahotsava.


    • Bhagwan Adinath’s birth and ‘Diksha’ will be magnificently celebrated.
    • Shasan Sirtaj Dikshayug Pravartak Ramchandrasurishwarji Maharaja’s ‘Diksha Shatabdi’ to be celebrated.
    • A Nandishwar Pujan for the first time in 200 years. 68 separate Jinalayas (Jain Temples) have been constructed on 68 separate mountains. Furthermore, more than 500 devotees will worship 272 ‘Chaumukhi Bhagwan’ on the same stage at one time. Simultaneously a total of 86 idols will be worshipped.
    • 5540 ‘Ayambil’ and 100 ‘Oli’ as part of ‘Navpadji Mahapujan.’

    Ahmedabad, 13 March, 2012: The biggest ever Jain Mahotsav, organized by the Upkar Utsav Upvan Samitee is to be held from 15th March 2012 to 22nd March 2012 at Sanskar Kendra, near Paldi.

    The entire event is organized to celebrate Bhagwan Adinath’s birth and Diksha, Shashan Shirtaj Shree Ramchandrasurishwarji Maharaja’s ‘Diksha Shatabdi’ and to commemorate the noble deeds of Late Sheth Shree Maneklal Mohanlal and Smt. Leelavati Maneklal, as well as pay tribute to their son Sheth Shree Kumarpalbhai Maneklal Shah, who is a respected and benign personality in the Jain community, on the first anniversary of his heavenly abode.

    The eight days long celebration will include various religious and cultural events. On 15th March, the Mahotsav will start with a huge Rathyatra devoted to Bhagwan Adinath’s birth and his renunciation of the world (Diksha). The 10 kilometer long Rathyatra, with a 3.5 kilometer long procession will cover the areas between Anjali Char Rasta and Sanskar Kendra. The grand Rathyatra will have a total of 12 chariots, some of which are 300 years old and have been sourced from various other Indian states. A 250 kg silver chariot will be the prime attraction in this Rathyatra.

    This religious occasion is also a tribute to the luminaries of Jainism such as Acharya Shree Siddhisurishwarji Maharaja, Shashan Shirtaj Shree Ramchandrasurishwarji Maharaja, Tapasvi Samrat Shree Rajtilaksurishwarji Maharaja. Additionally, Gachhadhipati Shree Acharya Punyapalsurishwarji Maharaja, Achary Shree Muktiprabhsurishwarji Maharaja, Acharya Shree Gunisheelsurishwarji Maharaja, Acharya Shree Kirtisurishwarji Maharaja and others will also bless the auspicious occasion.

    The novel event shall feature veteran classical music maestros and classical dance concerts from all over the country, with the one aim to ensure ‘Dev Bhakti’ through which the guests shall experience a holistic classical experience and a glimpse of the varied Indian music and dance forms. The entire eco-friendly theme of the event features majestic and splendid backdrops and opulent themes and decorations. During the week-long event, guests shall be experience Jain religious atmosphere through a never seen before walk-through art gallery, and much more.

    As part of this glorious celebration, for the first time in 200 years a ‘Nandishwar Pujan’ shall be performed. 68 separate Jinalayas (Jain Temples) have been constructed on 68 separate mountains. Furthermore, more than 500 devotees will worship 272 ‘Chaumukhi Bhagwan’ on the same stage at one time. Additionally, more than 5000 devotees will be performing ‘Ekasana.’

    To celebrate Bhagwan Adinath’s birth, a 10 feet tall stage has been created on which India’s best classical dancers will perform. The main highlights of this event are, for the first time ever, Vocal Classical Symphony wherein 68 musicians shall perform together on the same stage. Renowned artists from different religions, cultures, and states such as Padma Vibhushan Birju Maharaj, Ustaad Mukhtyar Ali, famous Gujarati folk singer Karsan Sagthiya, Rajsthani Langhamangniyaar Group, internationally acclaimed classical fusion vocal Laher Group shall also perform during the Mahotsav.

    As part of the Rathyatra, various bands from all the five zones of the country shall perform, including bands from the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. Moreover, the Rathyatra shall have various artistic tableaus representing the diverse culture of India. All these acts shall be delivered on camel carts.

    Statues made of silicon of the Jain luminaries shall be inaugurated at the venue. These statues are life-like and embody the spirit of their counterparts.

    The spokesperson of Upkar Utsav Upvan Samitee said that, “We have really worked hard to organize this biggest ever religious event in the history of Ahmedabad. Through this event, we have provided ample employment opportunities to artists of various states. Aimed at reinventing and keeping the Indian culture alive all these cultural events have been made an important part of the Mahotsav.
    This religious mega Mahotsav will have 1 Crore 8 lakh ‘Navkar Mantra Jaap’. Additionally, for the first time, 2700 Jain families will be served food on one table. More than one lakh devotees will be served food during the entire Mahotsav.

    For further information, please contact:

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    Adfactors PR, Ahmedabad
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