Tirthankara idol discovered & shifted to a Safe Location near Panruti

Tirthankara Idol - Panruti

Panruti (Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu), November 22, 2013: Around 2 feet high Tirthankara idol in the Sukhasana (sitting) posture was discovered at a village near Panruti in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu by research scholars Dr.Sivaraman & Dr.Sivakumar of Annamalai University. The idol was found at a place where local people used it as a toilet. At the behest of the research scholars the idol was shifted to a safe location near the Panchayat office. The efforts of the research scholars is highly appreciated. – News & image Courtesy: Sridharan Appandairaj, Pondicherry

Post Author: JHC