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Wipro Features Nitin H.P.’s Jain Heritage Journey

    Bangalore, 16th June 2022: India’s 3rd largest IT services company Wipro Limited Launched its 1st major brand campaign – “Ambitions Realized” in 5 years. The campaign is reflective of Wipro’s increasingly influential role in helping clients and communities realize their most ambitious goals and underscores its long tradition of being a catalyst for purpose-driven impact.

    Wipro Features Nitin H.P.’s Jain Heritage Journey
    Wipro Features Nitin H.P.’s Jain Heritage Journey

    As part of the campaign, Wipro which is based in 66 countries has featured 3 of its employees who are heroes through their own achievements outside work. A short documentary on each of the employee’s achievements has been produced. This is to showcase how its employees understand the value of staying connected with the world, and bring that passion to both its clients and community.
    Nitin Parshwanath, a Marketing Technology specialist and founder of the website, based in Bengaluru, is among the 3 people featured in this program. The documentary traces Nitin’s Jain heritage journey over the past two decades by covering the Dodda Basadi Jain temple at Hassan, Shravanabelagola’s Doddabetta, and Halebelagola’s Jain temple and inscriptions at these places.
    The documentary with high-quality photography and editing has been successful in exhibiting the rich Jain heritage. It has been credited as the 1st documentary produced by a corporation on Jainism.
    It is noteworthy that of the 250,000 employees Nitin is the only Indian, only Kannadiga, and only Jain who has been featured as part of this program.

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    Nitin Parshwanath: My Ambition

    “Something I started 20 years back never thought would grow this big. Getting featured as part of my organization’s brand campaign is a big honor, What better award do I need? This documentary getting released during our website’s 20th-anniversary celebrations has magnified the happiness. I was able to travel this far due to the constant support and encouragement by my parents, wife, mentors, well-wishers, colleagues, and friends.”
    Nitin has opined that “This documentary might be a good example and might motivate other corporates to support Jainism-related academic studies and heritage conservation projects.”
    The documentary can be watched at this link –

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