Swethambara Asceticism

Monks and Nuns of the Swetambara sect The Swetambara sect is divided into a number of sub-divisions, called gaccha, which is a community of monks. The various communities are known after their Acharya, the master. Such an order of monks and nuns is called samgha or samlldya and is again divided into various parivars, i.e. […]

Digambara Asceticism

In the Digambara Ascetism the monks are known as Muni or Muni Maharaj. They are organized in two different sanghas or groups which are known after the master of the group or Acharya. The one who wants to renounce the world on religious grounds, begins to qualify successively for the 11 basic vows. He starts […]

Jain Asceticism

Asceticism (from the Greek: ???????, ásk?sis, “exercise”) describes a life-style characterized by abstinence from various sorts of worldly pleasures (especially sexual activity and consumption of food and drink) often with the aim of pursuing religious and spiritual goals. Asceticism, is found in one of its most intense forms in Jainism. Jainism encourages fasting, yoga practices, […]

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