‘Prakrit Jnanbharati International Awards’ for 2010 & 2011 Bestowed

Berlin (Germany), October 19, 2013: The Bestowal ceremony of the Prakrit Jnanbharati International Award for the year 2010 and 2011 took place in Berlin,capital city of  Germany, on October 19, 2013. The 2 awardees, Prof.Christine Chojnacki from France, and Prof.Johannes Bronkhorst from Switzerland, were present. The Award ceremony started with the pre-recorded message of paramapujya […]

Nitin’s ‘Venur Bahubali’ image Wins National Award

Mumbai (Maharashtra), September 1, 2013: The image of Mahamasthakabhisheka of ‘Lord Bahubali’ being anointed by flowers (pushpa abhisheka) taken by Nitin H.P.,a Bangalore based IT professional and the executive director of the popular Jain portal WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM has won the national award in the ICICI Bank’s ‘Privilege Moments Online Photography Competition’. Nitin H.P. has been declared […]

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