Jain festival celebrated in city

Kochi (Kerala), September 17, 2016: Around 15 Jain families in the city celebrated Dus Lakshan Maha Parv, the 10 day-long celebration of the minority community, which concluded on Saturday. It is one of the most important annual events for Jains, customarily celebrated in August or September. Ananth Chathurdashi, the main event during which many towns […]

Jain festival of Paryushan finds many admirers

Ludhiana (Punjab), August 31, 2016: The Jain festival of Paryushan Parva is finding admirers even among people not belonging to the community. Paryusana, which means “abiding and coming together”, is a time when the Jains take on vows of study and fasting. Mall Road resident Palak Kansal is one such resident of Ludhiana who will be […]

Paryushan Festival rooted in non-violence, meditation, forgiveness

– KIRIT C. DAFTARY Whatever else this week represents, it marks the conclusion of the Paryushan Festival, a time for self-analysis and soul-searching rooted in Jainism, an Eastern religion and philosophy dating more than 2,600 years ago. Its three major tenets are Ahimsa (nonviolence), Anekantvad (multiple points of view) and Aprigraha (nonattachment). From Sept. 2-19, […]

Jain sects unite for Paryushan-1st time in history

Jaipur (Rajasthan), September 15, 2013: For the first time in 2,500 years, the two sects of Jainism — Shvetambar and Digambar — have come together for the pious festival of Paryushan. They are jointly observing an 18-day Paryushan in Jaipur. A combination of ‘par’ (all kinds) and ‘ushan’ (to burn), Paryushan means incinerating all karma. […]

Kshamavani Celebrations at Shravanabelagola

His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji inaugurating the procession. A glimpse of the procession. Shravikas (women) involved in the procession. Shravanabelagola (Hassan District, Karnataka), September 30, 2012: As part of the conclusion of the 10 days Dashalakshana Parva celebrations & Kshamavani a procession was organised at Shravanabelagola. The procession included the silver chariot, Silver […]

Kshamavani Parva – Annual Forbearance Function

The ten-day celebrations pertaining to the ten universal supreme virtues culminate in the practical observance of the Annual Forbearance function. During these celebrations every Jain daily devotes most of his time in prayer and worship getting rid of the mundane duties of practical life. The celebrations extend from the 5th day of the bright half […]

Uttama Brahmacharya Dharma – Supreme Chastity

– Muni Sri Kamkumarnandi Maharaj ‘The ills of life are cured, if you root out lust from your heart.’ Brahmacarya is a word with a very wide scope. It means maintaining sexual purity by assuming the strict aspect of celibacy. (Brahma) means soul, which is chaste, enlightened, eternal and blissful. To become fully engrossed in […]

Uttama Akinchanya Dharma – Supreme Non-Attachment

– Muni Sri Kamkumarnandi Maharaj He, who abandons the evil thought of attachment to worldly objects, can alone give up possessions. Assuredly, the non-appearance of attachment and other passions in Ahimsa, and their appearance is ‘Himsa’. Na kinchan iti akinchana Not to have the least (Parigraha) attachment is known as Akinchanya (non-attachment). The word ‘akinchan‘ […]

Uttama Tyaga Dharma – Supreme Renunciation

– Muni Sri Kamkumarnandi Maharaj ‘Renunciation of all possessions is Ahimsa; and appropriation of all possessions is Himsa’ The word ‘tyag’ is derived from the root ‘tyaj’ by the addition of the suffix ‘gham‘. The word renunciation means to cast aside, to give up, to get rid of, to discard and to leave. Some wise […]

Uttama Tapa Dharma -Supreme Austerities or Penance

– Muni Sri Kamkumarnandi Maharaj ‘Penance is a cataract that washes away all blemishes and purges the soul of all karmic matter’ The word ‘tap’ (Penance or Austerity) is derived from the root ‘tap’ by the addition of the suffix ‘ach’. The word austerity conveys the sense – to vanquish the enemies of soul; heating […]

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