JVB Welcomes Five Jain Orgs for Chaitya Paripati

Houston (USA), December 2, 2012: The feelings of unity and togetherness & spirituality were overwhelming when 5 different Jain organizations visited the JVB Preksha Meditation Center in Houston (JVB) on Sunday December 2. The visit was the first stop for a group of about 150 people, who were on a pilgrimage to visit and pay […]

Jain Vishwa Bharati - Houston

JVB Houston Conducts 12th Annual Family Retreat

Bellville (USA), April 4-8,2012: JVB Preksha Meditation Center, Houston conducted a 3-day and 2-night Family Retreat Camp at calm and scenic 66-acre facility Camp Woodmen, Bellville, TX from April 6 through April 8. The camp was attended by over 100 people including families from all over Texas – Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and the Houston […]

Their dream is for a world of nonviolence

images/news/news_updates/News_Jan_12_2012_Jain_Society_Houston.jpg Many people know that Mohandas Gandhi influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. in his notions of nonviolent, passive resistance. Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence was a topic of discussion at Morehouse College and at Crozer Theological Seminary, where King studied. Gandhi’s nonviolence teaching formed the center of the Montgomery boycott movement in 1956. King journeyed to […]