Jain festival celebrated in city

Kochi (Kerala), September 17, 2016: Around 15 Jain families in the city celebrated Dus Lakshan Maha Parv, the 10 day-long celebration of the minority community, which concluded on Saturday. It is one of the most important annual events for Jains, customarily celebrated in August or September. Ananth Chathurdashi, the main event during which many towns […]

Jain temple adds to Kochi’s iconic structures

Kochi (Kerala), June 14, 2015: A Jain temple, resembling the famous ones on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, is nearing completion in the heart of Kochi along the quiet Srinivasa Mallan Road, just 50m from MG Road. The construction of the temple, devoted to the 12th Tirthankar Vasupujya Swami, began in 2007 and has already attracted […]

Do not hurt any living being

Kochi (Kerala), August 23, 2012: “If you treat somebody badly, you are treating God badly,” says Narendra Ramji Nandu during the annual festival of Paryushan Parv at the Jain temple in Mattancherry. “Suppose you have a friend, who is fair-skinned. If he were to go into a coal mine and then come out, he will […]

Every man is a God: Abhay Sen

Kochi (Kerala), December 20, 2011: Every man is a god who can show you the way to righteousness and truth, says Acharya Vijay Abhay Sen Suri, the religious head of Jains in India. Renowned as the sensible monk among Jain ascetics, Acharya Abhay Sen Suri believes that science should not be shunned at any point […]

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