The steps leading to Mandaragiri Hill

Mandaragiri’s Jain Heritage Rediscovered

– Nitin H.P. You go in search of something, but you stumble upon completely different. It is much more prevalent in history and leads to a different set of discoveries. Here is one such instance of the research conducted by Dr. D.V.Paramashiva Murthy (a professor at Tumkur University, Tumkur) and his team at Mandaragiri, a […]

Pinchi Shaped Guru Mandir - Mandaragiri

‘Pinchi’ Shaped Guru Mandir Inaugrated at Mandaragiri

Mandaragiri (Tumkur District, Karnataka), May 11, 2014: The Pinchi shaped Guru Mandir was inaugrated at Mandaragiri in a 3 days function held from 9-11 May 2014. The Guru Mandir is dedicated to the Digambar Jain  ascetic Acharya 108 Sri Shanthinsagarji Maharaj (1872 – 1955) who revived the Digambar Jain asceticism in the past century. The […]

Manastambha, Chaumukha Idol defaced at Mandaragiri

One of the file photos of the manastambha that has been defaced. Mandaragiri (Tumkur District, Karnataka), January 3, 2013: The manastambha & a chaturmukha (four faced) idol of Jain Tirthankara installed on the manastambha have been defaced by miscreants on the ancient Mandaragiri hillock in the early morning hours of Thursday January 3, 2013. The […]

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