Jain temple adds to Kochi’s iconic structures

Kochi (Kerala), June 14, 2015: A Jain temple, resembling the famous ones on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, is nearing completion in the heart of Kochi along the quiet Srinivasa Mallan Road, just 50m from MG Road. The construction of the temple, devoted to the 12th Tirthankar Vasupujya Swami, began in 2007 and has already attracted […]


Main Deities – The Pancha Balayati Tirthankar idols are the prime attractions of this place. It has the idols of Lord Mahavir (15′ 3″ feet high), and 9′ 3″ inches high idols of Lord Vasupujya, Mallinath, Naminath and Parshwanath. History – The ancient Jain heritage centre Nandanvan has been converted into a spiritual center at […]


History of Mysore – Mysore city is situated in below the Chamundi hills. Sri Chamundeshwari acclaimed as Mahishasura Mardini is the preciding diety of the place. Mysore looks evergreen due to the Chamundi hills. Mysore has a long history the kings who ruled Mysore were Gangas of Talakad from 4th to 10th century. It was […]


History – Mangalore / Mangaluru is a famous port city of Karnataka. There are 2 Jain temples at Mangalore and are found along the Bibi Allabhi Road. Digambar Jain Temple – Has the idol of Lord Shanthinath as the main deity. Swethambar Moorthipujak Jain Temple – Has the idol of Lord Vasupujya as the main deity. How to […]

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