Pran Pratista performed to Jain temple in Vijayawada

Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), 11th March 2019: The ritual of Pran Pratista was performed by the Jain society at Sri Sambhavnath Bhagawan temple in the city on Sunday. The pran pratista was held at the renovated Sri Sambhavnath temple located in Marwari temple street and also to the newly constructed Sri Sambhavnath Bhagawan temple in Vatturivari […]

Jainism can never be popular due to its asceticism

Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), February 14, 2012: “Jainism can never become a popular religion because of its asceticism,” says Hampa Nagarajaiah, an eminent Kannada scholar on Jainism. Popularly known by his pen name Hampana, Mr. Nagarajaiah is one of the foremost exponents of Jainism. Drawing comparison between Jainism and Buddhism and their popularity on Indian soil, […]

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