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Some of ancient unknown Jain Heritage sites across different parts of India have been featured in this section to showcase their hidden treasure to the world.

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Latest News and updates related to Jainism, Jain events, celebrations, and poojas.

Jain Epigraphy

An online repository of Jain inscriptions in different languages spread all over the world with contributions by Jain scholars in India & abroad and updates on latest Jain epigraphical discoveries.

Front/central portion of the Jain hero stone found at Gerusoppa.

16th century’s rare Jain hero stone found at Gerusoppa

Ancient Jain Hero stone belonging to 16th century has been found at Gerusoppa/Gerusoppe in Honnavara Taluk of Uttara 16th century's ...
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Sallekhana Memorial inscription of 12th century of a Jain woman found at Hombuja/Humcha.

Sallekhana Memorial Inscription & Panel Inscriptions found at Hombuja

+ Found at the origination point of Kumudvati river in Hombuja/Humcha.+ Sallekhana memorial inscription of a woman & said to ...
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Copper Plate Inscription with 29 lines.

Three Jain Inscriptions of 17th-18th Century Found at Jayapura

Bangalore, January 17, 2018: Three Jain inscriptions belonging to 17th-18th century have been found at Sri Adinath Digambar Jain Temple, ...
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Two Jain Inscriptions found at Samse’s Shanthinath Basadi

Two Jain Inscriptions found at Samse’s Shanthinath Basadi

Found at Sri Shanthinath Basadi, Samse, Kalasa Taluk, Chikamagalur District, Karnataka.Inscriptions below to 15-16th & 19th Century.Found along the Padapeetha ...
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Heritage Highlight

Articles about ancient Jain Heritage Centres, Jain ruins, their antiquity, inscriptions with history of temples, and basadis in various parts of the world.

Traces of Jainism Found in Ethiopia

Traces of Jainism Found in Ethiopia

Bengaluru (Karnataka), 28th June 2019: Jains are businessmen since time immemorial and had their transactions spread the world over. They constructed Jain temples/basadis at the places of their residence for ...
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Galleries of Jain idols and inscriptions in various Jain Museums managed by Government and private authories found in differents parts of India.

Keladi - Archaeology Museum

Keladi – Archaeology Museum

Jain idols & Inscriptions housed at the Archaeology Museum, Keladi, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India. -Photos by Nitin H.P ...
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Lord Adinath, Yaliyur, Karnataka, 12th Century A.D.

Hassan – State Archaeology Museum

Jain idols housed at the State Archaeology Museum, Hassan, Karnataka, India. -Photos by Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Bengaluru The Department of ...
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Vellore - Government Museum

Vellore – Government Museum

-Photos by Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Bengaluru Images of Jain idols at the Government Museum, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India ...
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Madikeri - State Archaeology Museum

Madikeri – State Archaeology Museum

-Photos by Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Bengaluru Images of Jain idols and inscriptions at the State Archaeology Museum, Madikeri (Coorg), Karnataka, ...
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